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Simple forum map game

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Simple forum map game Empty Simple forum map game

Post by Highcouncilor Fri Jan 24, 2020 10:30 am

Medieval Turn based map game, first simple rules.

Hex based.


Castle. Home base, builds troops. Player looses if lost.

Farm land. Each provides 1 food.

Woods. Passable, does not provided anything.

Rivers. Passable, does nothing

Rocks/mountains. Impassable.

Troops movement and fighting same as diplomacy.

You can support number of troops equal to amount of food you can produce. Excess food is not saved between turns.

Your castle can build 1 until of troops per turn.

Turns are email to me by Thursday, gives me Friday to update map.

Current map is on first page of thread and updated after each turn. Archive old maps.

You move troops into a location you own it.

Castle can assist and unit in or adjacent.


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